Tuesday, 10 February 2015

In Winter, I plot and plan. In Spring, I move.

So says Henry Rollins. I'm stating that as my reason for not writing on here since November. February always feels short but overly intense - I like the sound of its name, but the picture I have of the word in my mind is cold and grey and blue, with sleet and snow drifting around the edges of every letter.

Luckily this Winter has been productive. I've been illustrating for the lovely Cracked Eye magazine, a short story app and offshoot of The Other Publishing company. Here are some of the most recent pics, for 'On The Outside' by Lynn Peters. You'll have to download it to find out what it's about!

I've also written and illustrated a short story for Studio 73 gallery in Brixton, for their shiny new website - which isn't live yet, but watch this space for more updates. 

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