Friday, 1 August 2014

A top draw Summer

Last week I was in Cambridge running the Illustration for Picture Books Summer school. It was like an arty Summer holiday with a bit of work thrown in (the best kind of holiday!).

Students experimented with drawing and mixed media illustration:

They looked at creating sequences using random imagery, words and shapes:

They also worked together on short storyboarding projects:

We did a lot of bookbinding, and experimented with different book structures and paper folding:

And students were able to develop their own original ideas: 


It was a really fun and productive week. It was especially good having a proper, consistent amount of time to help the students be creative, play with ideas and narratives, and learn a few new skills.  

Some of the students' work shown here is on display at Studio 73 for the summer exhibition - which is on now until the 10th of August! Come on down for a gander! 

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