Friday, 27 December 2013

Pictures from our Blinc 2013 performance

It's been over a month since I updated this. I've been a bit slack on the old writing front! But the past few weeks have been productive and creative so I'll try to sum them up in a few posts.

As mentioned in an earlier post, end of October took me and Alys over to Conwy to perform at Blinc Digital Arts festival. It was a great experience this year despite the torrential weather. Well done Alys for dancing in a rainstorm, which added to the atmosphere of the piece!

Alys performing in stormy conditions

I managed to get a few pictures from some friends (thank you Gwyn and Johnny). Note to self - nominate someone next time to photograph and film the show, as along with Neil I spent most of the time setting up the space and practical side of the performance and neglected the documenting side of things!

Setting up the projection / performance space - we had to anchor
the screen to the platform to stop it from blowing away!

Unfortunately we didn't manage to get a film of the performance either, but we are hoping to perform it again sometime in 2014. I am currently updating my website so I'll put up the animation on there. We will also be devising another project for Blinc 2014 and are investigating other potential platforms for a dance / animation piece!