Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hills and Stomping

It's been another busy month so I haven't updated this for a while, I'm sorry! I'm currently in Wales getting a much needed injection of fresh air. I've been plotting an exciting workshop scheme for WOMAD festival with my friend Sara (more on that in the coming weeks...), editing the student films for the RCA in Conwy, creating a proper new workspace at home, and finishing the logo design for Stomping Ground theatre company.

I'm also starting work on an animated music video for Nick E Harris, and have been busy gathering ideas, so there'll be more on that soon...

Last month saw the end of my second term teaching the Illustration for Picture Books course at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge. We weren't able to hold the 10th and final session at the college, so one of the students on the course very kindly offered the use of her studio at home. We held a mini-exhibition, with the students displaying their work and discussing it. 

Setting up the work in Rosina's studio

To make it a bit more involving, students were asked to choose a few key words in response to the pieces which they felt particularly struck a chord. These were written on post-its and stuck next to the artworks. They were asked to avoid certain 'non' words...

Some of the students' work...

Anna Shelton
Penny Speirs

Lily Cobbold

Rosina Dorelli

Denis Marchant

Rosina Dorelli

Sally Walker

After a two week break this was a good opportunity for everyone to share their ideas, discuss what they wanted to go on to do and to give each other some constructive feedback.

I've enjoyed running this course and working with these students so much. Unfortunately the course is not going ahead for the Summer term, however, I'll be running a summer school at the college from the 22nd- 25th of July. It'll be a slightly more intense version of the 10-week course. Details on how to enrol can be found here.

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