Friday, 22 March 2013

March gales

Finding my feet in London, working on the Hiraeth project, waiting tables and teaching a new group on the Illustration for Picture Books course at Hills Road have kept me busy, so I haven't written in a while. I've loved teaching this term again; the group are lovely and we've covered all sorts of topics, from sock puppets to bookbinding to paper construction. It's gone by too quickly! Keep an eye on here for some pictures soon.

In February I ran some animation workshops at the Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy. I worked with students from Coleg Llandrillo, and helped them to create animated films based on the current exhibition by sculptor Diane Lawrenson. The students were so enthusiastic - I'm excited by the work they made, which will be shown at a follow up exhibition in July.

I'm starting work on a short animation inspired by Lawrenson's beautiful bronze resin sculptures of the Bronte sisters. It's blowing a gale outside at the moment, and my windows are constantly shaking, so it seems highly appropriate to show you the puppet I've been making - of Emily Bronte (who wrote Wuthering Heights. But you knew that!). 

Most recently I've been working on some logo designs for my friend Sian's theatre company, 'Stomping Ground'. Here are a few sneaky pictures...still a work in progress. 

I love lino printing. I never get bored of it. I'd been working on different bits this week and when I'd finished all my Important Things, lino printing is what I did. These'll be cards when they're finished - I'm going to add some kind of pop-up bit to them. Just for fun.

Hmm...eyes closed. That face is making me sleepy, so I'll bow out for now. More soon. 

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