Thursday, 1 November 2012

BLINC! Blinc-ing brilliant!

I've just come back from a fantastically hectic weekend at home for Blinc digital arts festival in Conwy, North Wales. Blinc happens alongside Gwledd Conwy Feast, a food festival that has built up a strong reputation over the past few years; it's a melting pot of food, the arts and welsh culture.  

This is 'Hiraeth', the finished animation I made for our project. The quality isn't especially good here but you can get an idea. This film formed part of a collaborative performance between myself and dancer Alys Hughes. The music is 'Marwnad Y Fam' by Afal Drwg Efa. I think it fits the film beautifully. 

The whole piece in total was about 10minutes long; the first part focused on a dance and highly atmospheric sound piece, created by Alys, and performed against a backdrop of found footage that I put together. As soon as I have footage of the full performance I will post it up here. Over the weekend our performance was shown at the Royal British Legion, projected onto the side of a bus  - and on the final night of the festival it was projected onto the walls of Conwy castle! 

Our piece on Conwy Castle - that's Alys on the left. The 50ft woman!

Alys very bravely performed her dance outside in the freezing cold but it was worth it to see it on such a huge and vivid scale. I was more than a wee bit overwhelmed! Bring on next year...

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