Friday, 4 November 2011

The best sketchbook in the world...Ever

I've finally found it. The best format for spilling ideas I could ever imagine - today I got a concertina sketchbook from the art shop at university! 
I've never seen one in a shop before...I had imagined such things, and considered making one, but like many crazy ideas, it never happened...and suddenly, today, there it was. Perfect. A bargain at 6 quid.

Don't roll your eyes! There are so many great things about this. A concertina means you don't have to wait for one page to dry before you start a new one, so you can work really quickly. It makes drawing more fluid, because each page flows from one to the next, so everything connects up's the perfect way to make a never-ending story, a full-on, rolling, stream of consciousness picture...argh I'm going into colossal geek-meltdown, but I don't care, stuff like this makes me so happy! 

I've spent the whole afternoon filling it up. It's not finished yet but here are a few quick pics (taken by my housemate Amyas, on his super-clever iphone that makes montage photos...the fun never ends!).  

The only thing that could trump this would be a massive roll of blank wallpaper - that's going to be my next purchase. 
What can I say, I'm a cheap date.

The full length feature film spectacle! Look how long my arms are

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