Thursday, 3 November 2011

Apple Pip George

I'm currently doing an MA in Illustration. This week we completed a group project, and invent a modern-day cautionary tale. It was silly and lots of fun - my group made up a story about a little boy who ignores his Grandad's advice to 'never eat apple pips or you will turn into a tree!'. We wrote a very quick story, divided it up between us and made 2 illustrations each per section. We used the same image of the little boy in each illustration to keep it consistent.  
My first picture introduces George, and my second shows him ignoring his Grandad. The story ends with him trying to prove his Grandad wrong, by putting apple pips in his food, and turning him into a tree. The illustrations by other members of the group, not shown here (though I'll try and get their permission!) were really lovely...though unfortunately our presentation was a bit of a technical disaster! 

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