Sunday, 4 September 2011

Apple strudel and arts and crafts

Last night I met the lovely Emma Gatrill, a Brighton based musician (she sings, plays the harp and the clarinet, and probably many other things - all at once! Well, maybe...), and we had a spontaneous arts and crafts session in my bedroom, making a CD case and pocket for a demo of her album - here are the results. Not shown here is the back, onto which I attached a handmade, turquoise envelope with a secure flap to contain the CD. The drawing on the front is one I did a while ago, but spookily it looks a little like Emma. 
Have a listen to a preview of Emma's album here

Photographed by Amyas.

Cutting out and sticking things in good company is fun enough by itself, so what on earth could make the evening any better, I hear you ask (yes, you're asking, I know you are)? I'll tell you what - an Austrian feast, cooked up by my housemate and his girlfriend. Seven of us sitting round our stout little coffee table, chowing down on wiener schnitzel, potato salad, and home-made apple strudel with ice cream, plus quite a lot of wine, and then some coffee. Yes please! 

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