Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cards for sale....

You may have noticed that there are lots of birthdays around this time of year. And now is also a very good time to start writing to relatives/friends etc in far off lands to try and wangle a free holiday...letter writing doesn't have to be a lost art! So with that I am pleased to tell you that some of my pictures are now being sold as cards at the Kemptown Bookshop in Brighton (they come with an envelope and everything). Here's a few that are on offer, and hopefully there will be more to come soon (The first version of Start to Happen is on sale as a card there too).

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New things start to happen...

These are my collages for the Spontaneous Structures exhibition. The title of the exhibition made me think of natural occurrences in cities, and how nature has its own agenda - plants growing on top of skyscrapers or bursting through train tracks and concrete.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Spontaneous Structures

This week I have been mostly in London, taking part in an exhibition called Spontaneous Structures, which was organised and curated by the highly imaginative Miss Anne-Laure Franchette. The opening night on Thursday was packed and busy and lots of fun! Some photos are up now on the Meanwhile Space facebook page.
The exhibition is in a temporary space in Whitechapel, thanks to the organisation Meanwhile Space, and it is a stone's throw from the Whitechapel Art Gallery. It's on until Sunday, April 24th, 6pm so catch it while you can. 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

First post since last year!

Very bad, very very bad...I need somebody behind me, hitting me with a stick to make sure I update my blog more often. So much has happened since September. I'm no longer at Kingston - I switched to Brighton University, which turned out to be A Very Good Thing. I'm on the MA Sequential Design and Illustration. 
I'll go into more detail soon, but for now here's a nice bit of news - a couple of years back I did some stop frame animation for Jo Lane's lovely film 'Time Goes Nowhere'. The film can now be seen on BBC Film Network. Go have a look - it is a really unusual and heartfelt film.  

Today I'm going to Crawley to do a workshop on words and colour with a local Age Concern community group. The workshop is for Wordfest, a great literature festival organised by Jo Harrison. Also check out the Cover Versions section of the site - I've done an alternative book cover for Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, and there are plenty of inspiring book covers to peruse. 

I've updated this post to include two alternate covers for the same book, both of which I think I prefer to the first!